Desert Safari Dubai Adventure Activities in Dubai

Adventure Activities  There are a lot of exciting and fun things for thrill-seekers to do in Desert Safari Dubai. They are great for both tourists and people who live in Dubai. You can always count …

Adventure Activities 

There are a lot of exciting and fun things for thrill-seekers to do in Desert Safari Dubai. They are great for both tourists and people who live in Dubai. You can always count on us to set up any of these activities for you. These activities can be set up for individuals, groups, or businesses for team building and so on.


Dubai Desert Safari

People in Dubai go on our unique desert safari nearly every day. This tour runs every day and costs the same for one or more people. There is no extra charge for more people. When you visit Dubai, one of the best things to do is go on a desert safari. It’s a great way to spend a day on vacation that’s both thrilling and exciting. This area of Dubai has been called the Pearl of the Gulf because it has beautiful scenery and fields of loose gravel that shimmer in the sun and the moonlight. A safari on the Dubai deserts is a must-do experience that takes you to another part of Dubai that doesn’t have any tall buildings or pristine beaches. Instead, there is a huge stretch of golden land. There is a safari for everyone, no matter which one you choose. They all drive you into the heart of the Arabian sandy desert, where you will be engulfed by its immaculate beauty.

Some of the things you can do on desert safari tours in Dubai are riding a camel and going dune bashing. This makes the safari a really fun thing. Also, there are other things you can do here, such as stargazing, hot air balloon rides in the desert, and cultural shows to enjoy after a hearty BBQ dinner. Experts can even help you ride a quad bike in the desert with the help of your friends and family.

Dubai Skydiving

You can take any Skydive Dubai training courses if you want to learn to skydive. Anyone who wants to learn how to skydive can get enough jumps under their belt to become a solo skydiver. The tandem jump is also available for people who have never jumped before. You’ll be attached to a qualified instructor and can both enjoy the thrill and learn how to do it simultaneously. To learn more about skydiving in Dubai, click this link and read about it.

Dubai paintball Experience Tour

A game that will test your strategy and competitiveness, or a fun and exciting way to treat yourself? You should go paintball shooting if these are the things you want to do. It’s time to get dirty.

Dubai Camel Polo

This is a one-of-a-kind thing that Dubai has to offer. Eight or more people will come with you to play polo on the back of the tall, specially trained camels used by the ships of Arabia to sail. This is a great way to build teamwork for both local businesses and groups of tourists.

Dubai Musandam Tour

This is a full-day activity that can be done in Dubai every day. Take the tour to Musandam, a peninsula on the Strait of Hormuz. You will see a lot of beautiful places there. Because of where it is, it isn’t close to the rest of Oman.

Dubai Day Desert Camping

The desert driver cub guide will show you around the Arabian Desert in your private 4WD car. Overnight, we slept in tents in the desert. 


Full Days 24 Hrs Desert Camping

Explore the Arabian Desert in the East of Dubai on this fantastic tour. You’ll learn a lot about the desert plants and animals. Pick up in the morning and stay overnight in the camps the next day. Then come back the following day. 

Full-Day Liwa Oasis Safari

Long trip to the desert of Liwa, which is far away from here: One of a kind tour that will take you 100s of kilometers into the desert. Enjoy driving through the desert near Liwa Oasis. You can also see a lot of wildlife. 


2 Days Liva Desert Camping Safari

Pick up in the morning and drive to Liwa oasis, where you can see the desert and go on a safari of a lifetime in the desert of the Arabian Desert. Overnight in tents and cook your breakfast in the desert the next day. Drive back to Dubai or Abu Dhabi. 


Quad Biking Safaris

Play with Quad bikes in the sand. The dream you’ve had has come true. Packages for covering an area, as well as quad bike training tours, can be found here.

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