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In biology, immunology is a big field. It includes in-depth study and research about the immune system. The functioning of this system is what immunologists study. Kanury Rao has explained that when we talk about …


In biology, immunology is a big field. It includes in-depth study and research about the immune system. The functioning of this system is what immunologists study. Kanury Rao has explained that when we talk about the functioning of this system, its nature can be normal as well as abnormal. The functioning of both of these kinds is studied by immunologists. Immunologists are engage in highly important work. Considering this, there is a growing demand for them in societies. From conducting research to participating in preventing infection, their engagement is require in several process. Without their engagement in these processes, preventing the body’s defense system may be unimaginable.

Defining an Immunologist

An immunologist is a professional who is involve in studying the body’s defense system. Also known as the immune system, this part can belong to animals as well as humans. Immunologists can be actively engage in studying the systems of either of these. An immunologist mainly possesses a deep knowledge of how this system functions, gets affected, becomes influence due to multiple factors, etc. Such a professional can also have mastery in finding out how disorders relating to the immune system get form and what require to reduce the symptoms, as is explain by Mr. Rao.

Understanding What an Immunologist does

An immunology professional performs in multiple processes. Studying the functioning of the immune system is one of the responsibilities of an immunologist. Kanury Rao has shared that such a professional is responsible for diagnosing the symptoms relating to immunity problems. According to him, several disorders can affect this system. Prior to diagnosing what the disorder exactly is, the immunologist has to research and understand the symptoms. Based on that, the process of diagnosis is carry forward. One of the duties of immunologists is to work on the treatment of these disorders. For this, research is again important.

It should be noted that a larger part of the work of these professionals requires research. They have to spend a significant number of hours in laboratories for carrying out research. The research needs to be properly done with almost no scope of errors. Since the treatment and diagnosis of any immune system disorder will depend on the research, this process has to be flawlessly execute.

It will be of use to know that the work of immunologists can differ in some instances. This will be especially true when their types are consider. Immunologists can be of several types. Clinical immunologists would be responsible for working with certain patients. They will be diagnosing these patients and also assisting in treating them. Environmental immunologists will be responsible for studying several substances that can be discovered in the environment. These substances can be chemical or natural. They can have an effect on the immune system of living beings. Environmental immunologists will be engaged in identifying the effect of these substances on the system.

Learning Where Immunologists Work

Immunologists can work in several institutions and not all of them will be alike. Based on where the immunologists work, their responsibilities can differ in certain ways. As per Kanury Rao, a university is one place where such professionals can work. Immunologists can prefer teaching at universities as well as organizing research. Working in several health agencies started by the government is also an option for them. In such agencies, proper laboratories are available.

According to Mr. Rao, companies which are in fields like biotechnology, pharmaceutical products, medical products, etc., can also employ immunologists. Such companies depend on extensive research for developing these products that can work in treating several symptoms and diseases. Immunology experts can also prefer working as clinicians. Based on this preference, they will have to work in medical organizations. In these organizations, they will be require to treat those patients who have symptoms of autoimmune diseases.

Is there a Growing Demand for Immunologists in India?

It is interesting to find out that the demand for immunologists has grown with the passing of time. The demand for such professionals has been prevalent in India. Also, at a global level, the demand for them is not less. Considering the important work they do, their relevance shall also be present in India and across the globe.

Expressing his concern for the coronavirus pandemic that became well-identified in the year 2020, Kanury Rao explains that immunologists are now more required. The COVID-19 causing virus has been a major challenge for many people. For medical professionals, understanding what this virus is and how it affects the immune system has been time-consuming and not very easy. This is where people need the services of immunologists the most.

In the COVID-19 pandemic, immunologists have performed a crucial role by identifying the virus and its functioning. With deep research, they have been able to understand the effect of the virus on the immune system. Gradually, these professionals are helping in diagnosing patients who are suffering from it. Also, in the various processes that have been involved in coming up with a vaccine for coronavirus, immunologists have put in their best efforts and hard work.

This is a big indicator that the demand for immunologists will increase in India and many countries. Since challenges of such kinds will keep emerging, these professionals will enable the world to prepare for better, as has been shared by Kanury Rao.

To Conclude

Immunologists are mainly responsible for engaging in studies relating to the immune system. In the case of animals as well as humans, they can engage in studying the system of these beings. A part of their work is to identify, diagnose, and treat the symptoms and diseases that can harm this system. From laboratories to medical organizations, there are several places where they can practice and research. Considering the important role they serve, immunologists will stay in high demand in many countries including India. In the time to come, their relevance shall continue to maintain.

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