Dubai Water Canal Dhow Cruise Dinner

An Overview of Dubai Water Canal Cruise You’ll get 2.5 hours of boating on the Dubai Water Canal and a buffet dinner in this package. Tanoura dancers will perform, and there will be music on …

An Overview of Dubai Water Canal Cruise

You’ll get 2.5 hours of boating on the Dubai Water Canal and a buffet dinner in this package. Tanoura dancers will perform, and there will be music on the boat. If you want to go on a standard New Canal Dhow cruise, you get 2.5 hours of boating and buffet dinner worldwide for that price.

People who visit Dubai will cruise through its heart. If you go to Dubai, you’ll see Ras Al Khor Sanctuary, the W Hotel, the Sheik Zayed Road Waterfall Bridge, the JW Marriott Marquis, and many other well-known and moving places. If you want to see the best of Dubai, take our Dubai Water Canal Cruise.

The Key Details of the Dubai Water Canal Cruise

Every day, the cruise starts at 7:00 p.m. and sailing around two hours (from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.). At 8:30 p.m., the cruise leaves. If you choose not to have any transfers, you must show up at the location 30 minutes before the departure time.

Dubai Water Canal Cruise Highlights

  • Take a cruise on the new Dubai Water Canal.
  • Enjoy the mesmerizing show (not available during the holy month of Ramadan)
  • Take a ride on the Dubai Canal Waterfall Bridge, then slide under it.
  • A beautiful dinner cruise on a canal in the heart of Dubai, which looks like a Venice canal.
  •  in the lights of the city and the lights on the Burj Khalifa when you’re in Dubai.
  • To eat: Enjoy an excellent international buffet with many different kinds of food and unlimited soft drinks.
  • Please take pictures of the city’s beautiful landscapes and tape their explanations.

The Complete Description

The Dubai Water Canal shows off a beautiful waterfront that looks out over the water more than six kilometers long. It will take you two and a half hours to go on this two-and-a-half-hour cruise. You’ll see the sights along Business Bay and Sheik Zayed Road. Residents and tourists will be walking on both sides of a river or canal that runs through the middle of town. During the day, you can see the lights of the cityscape reflected in the water as you sail by. You’ll eat at an international buffet that has a lot of different foods to choose from.

Pre-book this Dubai Water Canal cruise and feel at ease at home. You sail around the world while having a buffet of international food. Several drinks and live entertainment are included. Take a boat ride through the Dubai Water Canal and Downtown to see both places. Pre-book your spot on a dhow dinner cruise to get a seat. This package includes everything you need for a night out: dinner, drinks, shows, and hotel transfers.

This cruise is even better because you’ll be able to sail on the newest and best ships. Glide under the new waterfall on Sheikh Zayed Road, and you’ll see things like the Burj Khalifa in a whole new way.

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The Specialties of this Cruise

  • In Dubai, you can go on a cruise through the middle of the city. If you go, you’ll never forget it!
  • You get to go on a big boat with all you need.
  • Cruise: You’ll see some of Dubai’s most modern and stylish things during the two-hour boat ride.
  • This is a great way to see the well-lit Burj Khalifa, the JW Marriott Marquis, and the Ras Al Khor Sanctuary from a unique spot on the water in Dubai.
  • Watch as the canal is lit up and lets your catamaran sail through without a hitch.
  • There is a lot of food that is both vegetarian and non-vegetarian on the plane.
  • You can add many cute Tanoura shows to your night out, making it even better.
  • You can go on a dhow cruise in Dubai Marina and on a tour in Oman called the Khasab. With tickets to Ski Dubai and the Burj Khalifa, you can go on special tours that show you the city’s exuberant modernity and make you want to have a good time.


Dubai Water Canal Dhow Cruise Inclusions

  • 2 hours on the water
  • Complimentary tea, mineral water, and soft drinks.
  • Barbecue
  • Vegetable and non-vegetable dinner at the Board
  • The International Buffet
  • A Puppet Show
  • Music, Tanoura dance, and live people:
  • The Lower Deck is fully air-conditioned.
  • The Upper Deck of the Cruise is Open Air
  • There are separate toilets for ladies and gents in the same building.

Important Information about the Cruise

  • It’s essential to have your passport or ID card when you’re going to Dhow Cruise.
  • Some rules say you can’t do this. Food and drinks can’t come from outside.
  • It’s OK to be casual when you come to the Dhow Cruising.
  • This cruise is excellent for couples, families, and people on their own. if you Want To Read More Then Musit Visit The Website

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