Ayurvedic Medicine For Migraine

Have you ever experienced a severe headache in a particular area accompanied by nausea? If yes, then beware; it isn’t just a headache. Health condition known as a Migraine can have severe and mild impacts …

Ayurvedic Medicine For Migraine

Have you ever experienced a severe headache in a particular area accompanied by nausea? If yes, then beware; it isn’t just a headache. Health condition known as a Migraine can have severe and mild impacts on your health.
But here comes the question whether how to treat this headache. Not everyone prefers to take allopathic medicine due to its side effects; they prefer to choose Ayurveda which has zero impact on our health.
What are those medicines could be, you may guess.
Soo here in this article, I’ll tell you some best ayurvedic medicine for migraine.
Read further to know more.

What is a migraine, and How does it affect us?

A migraine is a slight to severe headache accompanied by nausea and sometimes sensitivity to light and sound. It has different impacts and levels of intensity, varying for different people. Mostly these occur in a particular area with a throbbing sensation in the head.
The causes of the migraine could be anything like changes in certain foods and drinks, stress, exercise, etc.
Hence, to relieve the pain, you can temporarily have some pain-relieving medications or preventive measures to treat migraine.

What are the symptoms of migraine?

If you are a victim of migraine, then you may experience these symptoms; Here are those, have a look at them;
1. You may have an intense sensitivity to light, colour, and odours.
2. Yourself may not feel an appetite.
3. You-all may feel Abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and upset stomach.
4. Sudden warmth or chills.
5. Feeling extremely tired.
6. Changes in the vision, mostly feeling blurred vision.
7. Tenderness in the scalp.
Apart from this, there are also some rare symptoms like,
8. Diarrohea.
9. Fever.

What are the causes of migraine?

Here are a few most common causes of the migraines; Have a look at them;
Stress is one of the most common factors of migraine. When we are under stress, there are several chemicals that our brain releases to combat the current situation. Hence these chemicals can trigger migraine in our head. Tension and other emotions like stress, anxiety, or excitement can worsen the condition. Therefore control your tension and stress levels to manage your migraines.
Several people are allergic to lights, and the best suggestion for them is to reduce their exposure to the lights to reduce the effects. Spending a lot of time using devices, TV can also increase the impact. Hence to minimize this type of migraine, you can reduce your exposure to flashlights and fluorescent lights.
People addicted to caffeine can get a headache if they have not consumed it so far or consumed it in excess amount. However, for these people, the health care providers advise them to consume caffeine to get immediate relief, but not frequently. Hence caffeine addiction is also one of the factors that trigger migraine.
Changes in Hormones:
The women mostly experience these types of migraines during their changes in their regular cycles like menopause and menstrual cycle. The reason for headaches during this time is the changes in the hormone levels in the body.
Certain foods are also responsible for migraine attacks. The best example of such foods and beverages is alcohol which is the primary cause that triggers migraines and headaches.
Skipping meal:
Skipping your meals can also trigger migraine in your head. Due to a drop in your blood sugar levels, there are chances that you can experience a migraine attack. So consider eating food on time and do not neglect this factor.
They are some common factors that trigger migraine in a person.

List out some best Ayurvedic medicine for migraine?

Here are a few ayurvedic medications to cure migraine completely.

Mix some saffron petals with ghee and drop it into your nose and inhale it for some time. Trust it has a great impact and relief on your migraine levels. It will reduce the intolerable in your nose.

Sandalwood is another great treatment for your migraine. Just take some raw sandalwood, grind it and make it a paste. Apply it to your forehead; it will provide you with instant relief and chillness in the migraine.

Black-Pepper Paste:
Take some rice and grind it and some black pepper and Bringaraj juice. Make all this into a thick paste, and then apply it to your forehead. Leave it for some time; you’ll feel relief up to a certain extent.

Ayurvedic herbs:
Certain ayurvedic herbs are useful for the treatment of migraines. Some herbs include Bala, Kumari, Amalaki, Sariva, Yastimadhu, Hareetaki, etc. These herbs provide you with amazing and best results when used in an appropriate amount.

Shirolepa and Shirodhara:
Shirolepa and Shirodhara are the other best ayurvedic medicine for treating migraine. Mostly it works on all types of migraine, and it is the combination of several medicinal herbs like camphor, sandalwood, and Jatamansi. On the other hand, the Shirodhara is the other best method of migraine treatment which involves pouring a stream of thin and thick liquids over the scalp for a specified amount of time. These remedies are known for their successful healing properties.
This were some of the best ayurvedic medicine for migraine and treating it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ayurvedic medicine for migraine:

Suggest some best natural remedies for migraine?
Here are a few best and natural remedies suggested for the migraine-like
4.Gingko Biloba

What are the health problems that can be treated through Ayurveda?
There are several ayurvedic medicines available for treating a large number of health problems; Ayurvedic treatments are available for a large number of the issues like;
1. Herbal medicine for joint pain
2. Ayurvedic medicine for tooth pain
3. Ayurvedic medicine for thyroid
4. Homoeopathy medicine for hair loss
5. Ayurveda medicine for skin

How to stop a migraine immediately?
1.For immediate results, you can follow some of the suggested methods below:
2.Use a cold pack
3.Keep yourself hydrated
4.Do not chew during a migraine attack.
5.Have some caffeine
6.Stay away from lights
7.Make yourself relaxed
8.Dim the lights
These are some of the instant remedies to stop migraine.

Is Giloy good for headaches?
The soothing nature of the Giloy plays a significant role in treating dry, irritated throat, bronchitis, pharyngitis, headache, wheezing, asthma, and headache are some of the problems that can be cured using Giloy.

Is it possible to treat migraines through Ayurveda?
No, migraines cannot be cured completely, but with the help of Ayurveda, you can help ease the symptoms through ongoing treatment. Therefore there is no complete cure available for the migraine.

So these were some of the best natural remedies for migraine.
I hope you find the article on the Ayurvedic medicine for migraine a helpful one. If you have any queries about the article, you can ask it below in the comment section. Stay connected to read more articles like this on this website. See you soon with the following article.
Thank you!

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