A visit to Dubai: How much cash you must carry?

There’s no denying that Dubai is famed for its sunny days and exciting adventures, so every new season brings the magic of its own. Visiting Dubai isn’t a cheap affair, but it relies more on …

A visit to Dubai

There’s no denying that Dubai is famed for its sunny days and exciting adventures, so every new season brings the magic of its own. Visiting Dubai isn’t a cheap affair, but it relies more on your preferences. Like finding suitable properties in Dubai for investment, you need to be mindful when visiting the city for fun. Are you ready for endless sunshine, gorgeous beaches, and dramatic deserts?

The heaviest expense includes flight and accommodation, followed later by excursions and activities. Are you determined to spend your next vacation in Dubai with your family but are unsure about the cost? Well, we’re here to answer all of your queries.

The Flight expense to Dubai:

The first thing that sips in a valuable amount is the flight to Dubai. There’re various milestones to consider, including the airline, season, and the standard of seats. Approximately, you’ll need to have AED 300 to 400. However, you can always connect with a less-reputable airline available for flights, but there’s no guarantee for the security measures. After all, they’re inexpensive for a reason.

The cost for accommodation in Dubai:

Ideally, Dubai’s accommodations highly depend on the type of resort or hotel you opt for. With a diverse array of factors, it’s nearly impossible to reach an estimate. In Dubai, you’ll find the world’s most luxurious yet expensive hotels. It also depends on the area you’re choosing. If you want to rent a room near Burj Al Arab, it’ll cost you almost 2.000 EUR. Yet, there’re a lot of inexpensive options available out there; you just need to have an eagle eye. 

Setting a budget for restaurants in Dubai:

Like everything else in Dubai, you’ll find expensive and affordable eateries. Dubai’s food scene is a delightful mix of fresh produce, creative food festivals, and award-winning restaurants pushing the limits on culinary success. 

The dining landscape is a blend of a curious take on food with quality ingredients. And that’s what makes the locals stay true to their roots. From meat steaks to seafood, you’ll get it all in a decent price range of AED 240 to AED 500. 

If you’re an early riser and want to catch up on the amazing sunrise with a delicious coffee, you can access it for AED 100, along with your significant other. 

The estimated cost for sipping on alcohol in Dubai:

Dubai’s unique tropical character makes it one of the most exciting bar scenes. Alcohol-lovers wouldn’t want to miss a chance to sip and eat like a local at one of the most iconic venues. From AED 34 to AED 54, you can get a hold of cold beverages, alcoholic drinks, and epic part experiences. However, you’ve to be licensed to grab a bottle of wine in Dubai. 

The amount you need to travel around the city:

The most amusing way of spending money in the city is on excursions. Since Dubai is jam-packed with incredible sightseeing and thrilling adventures, tourists run after them without considering the aftermath. For instance, a trip to a Desert safari will cost you around AED 840, while AED 700 for the tallest Burj Khalifa. At last, it varies from location to location.  

You might find it feasible that some of the city’s main attractions are entirely free of cost. However, indulging in the adventurers might cost you a fortune. A short tour to spectacular views will require around 50 to 150 EUR, depending on the guide, activity, group size, etc. 

The cost of transportation in Dubai:

Transportation is of pivotal importance when wandering around Dubai. The fuel cost here is exceptionally cheap compared to other developed cities in the Middle East. Surprisingly, the fare for taxis is even more affordable, which is around AED 5.80 per person for a round trip between 5 zones a day. To make your trip unforgettable, opt for the fantastic metro buses which can get you around the city in no time. 


Like Dubai’s property prices, the rates for strolling around the city are no less. Now, the question is, can you enjoy the tour while cutting on a few desires? Of course, yes! Try partaking in complementary activities. Avoid eating at a five-star restaurant three times a day and opt for public buses instead of taxis. There’s plenty to choose from while making it an utterly affordable endeavour.  



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