The 5 Best Smart Switches For Your Smart Home

Looking to get in on the smart home revolution? This is a great time to be alive. With just a couple of daps, you can automate almost anything in your house with little more than …

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Looking to get in on the smart home revolution? This is a great time to be alive. With just a couple of daps, you can automate almost anything in your house with little more than a plug and an app. Smart switches can add value to your home if you are trying to put your house for sale.

In this article, we’ll show you six different smart switches and break down our favorite features of each.


What are Smart Switches?


A smart switch is a light switch that connects to your home Wi-Fi network, allowing you to control and automate it from anywhere via a smartphone. In addition to the standard on/off functionality, some smart switches offer advanced features like scheduling, remote access, energy monitoring, and more.

Smart switches are a great way to add smart lighting to your house for sale and make it more attractive for buyers. They can make your home’s lighting just a little bit smarter or take control of everything you plug into them. Here are the best smart switches on the market.


Leviton Decora Smart Wi-Fi Switch


The Leviton Decora Smart Switch is easy to add voice control to your existing lighting. With the ability to connect directly with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, you can now control your lights using just your voice. They are also compatible with Apple HomeKit through an Apple TV or HomePod hub unit. The Decora Smart line has a variety of switches and dimmers that come in single pole or 3-way installations. The smart switches allow you to control your lights remotely or set up schedules to turn on or off at set times. They even support Away Mode, which randomly turns lights on and off when you’re not home to simulate someone being there. All of this is easily done via the My Leviton app for Android and iOS devices.

Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch by TP-Link:

The Kasa Smart Switch works with all three major voice assistants — Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana. You can also use IFTTT to connect it with other smart devices in your house for sale. And when you’re not available to control your lights manually, you can set them to go on and off at random times to trick potential intruders into thinking of someone’s home even when no one is there.

Like most smart switches, the Kasa Smart Switch can control via its own app or a connected hub like Samsung SmartThings or Wink. But unlike many switches that require professional installation, the Kasa Smart Switch can be installed as easily as a standard light switch — all you need is a screwdriver! Just remember that you will need neutral wires for installation.

Wemo (F7C030) Wi-Fi Smart Light Switch

The Wemo family of smart home devices includes Wi-Fi-enabled light switches, dimmers, plugs, and more. The company’s smart switch is an easy way to convert any lamp or small appliance into a smart device that you can control with your phone. It installs like any other light switch using your home’s existing wiring, and once paired with the Wemo iOS or Android app, it lets you turn lights on or off remotely, set schedules, and even monitor energy usage.

Lutron Caseta Wireless In-Wall Smart Lighting Starter Kit:

Lutron’s in-wall smart switch is one of the best smart lighting products you can buy. It works with Nest, Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, etc. It’s easy to install and requires no hub. It’ll control up to 17 bulbs per switch (if you want to get fancy and use dimmers).

The only real drawback is that it’s a little pricey: $80 for a single switch or $170 for a 3-pack starter kit. But it looks great in any home and works like a charm, so if you have the extra cash, it’s worth the investment.

GE Z-Wave Plus Smart Lighting Control Add-On Toggle Light Switch:

The GE Z-Wave Plus In-Wall Smart Switch is a popular choice among the best smart switch options on the market. It’s fairly priced, easy to install and integrates with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. You can also add multiple switches to more rooms in your home.

The GE Z-Wave Plus Smart Lighting Control Add-On Toggle Light Switch is a smart switch that you can use in addition to your existing light switches. Being a Z-Wave compatible switch. The button on the switch is used to turn the lights on and adjust their brightness! It also supports scheduling through IFTTT, which can be coordinated with other IFTTT-compatible devices such as a smart home thermostat.

Finishing Up:

Smart switches may look strange at first—after all. It’s difficult to see how a simple light switch might increase our convenience or save us time and money. Yet something about this odd-looking device makes sense. Of course, we have smart devices—but their usefulness can extend only so far before they seem redundant. So why not give them a smart sibling? Those cute little light switches are starting to feel like the next logical step in the evolution of home automation. And once you spend a little time experimenting with a couple. You’ll want to set up your entire office in the same way. There are many smart switches on the market.


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