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Celebrity children often catch the attention of limelight with their relation with famous celebrities, but some of them pave their own path and try to make their own name to get famous. DMX’s son, Tacoma …

tacoma simmons

Celebrity children often catch the attention of limelight with their relation with famous celebrities, but some of them pave their own path and try to make their own name to get famous. DMX’s son, Tacoma Simmons, is one of the celebrity children that instead of using his father’s name for fame, tried to make his own career choices and made his name in the music industry. 

Check out some details in this article about Tacoma Simmons bio, wiki, mother, siblings and many other information as well. 

Who is Tacoma Simmons? 

DMX's Son

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Tacoma Simmons is the son of the famous rapper, singer and entertainer, Earl Simmons, more famously known as DMX. Tacoma was born on 27th August 1999 in Mount Kisco, New York, United States.  

Tacoma Simmons showed interest in music from a very early age and tried to pursue his career in the music industry. He is a reputable songwriter and composer. He is currently a director at the Guitar Center. He has a huge fan following on social media platforms like Instagram, where he likes to refer to himself as a Melodic Writer. 

Tacoma Simmons’ mother is Tashera Simmons. He has been spotted with his father, DMX many times in celebrity events. DMX has a total of fifteen children, four of which were born with Tashera. Which means, Tacoma Simmons has 3 siblings and 11 half-siblings that were the result of many of DMX’s extra-marital affairs. 

Tacoma Simmons Bio, Profession, Hair color, Wiki 

Real Name/ Full Name  Tacoma Simmons 
Nickname  Tacoma 
Date of Birth  27th August 1999 
Place of Birth  Mount Kisco, New York 
Zodiac Sign  Virgo 
Nationality  American 
Ethnicity  African-American 
Religion  Christian 
Father’s Name  Earl Simmons also known as DMX 
Mother’s Name  Tashera Simmons 
Siblings  Yes, Three, Two Brothers, One Sister 
Half Siblings  Yes, Eleven 
Height  Not Available 
Weight   Not Available 
Eye Color  Brown 
Hair Color  Black 
Body Measurements  Not Available 
Sexuality  Straight 
Girlfriends / Spouse  No 
Profession  Music Composer, Songwriter, Director at Guitar Center 
Social Media Presence  Yes 
Refers to Himself as  Melodic Writer 

Tacoma Simmons Mother and Father 

Tacoma Simmons mother is Tashera Simmons and father is Earl Simmons. They both met when they were teenagers and tied the knot in 1999 after being together for a few years. The couple had four children together including Tacoma Simmons.  

Though their marriage did not last long and after 13 years of living as a married couple, their marriage dissolved in 2013. Earl Simmons also has 11 other children outside of his marriage. He was frequently distracted to attain the companionship of other women, which eventually resulted in his separation with Tashera. 

Tacoma Simmons Siblings 

Tacoma Simmons has 3 siblings, 2 brothers and a sister, whose names are Xavier Simmons, Praise Mary Ella, Sean Simmons. They all lived with their mother after the separation of their parents. Tashera has been noticed to share some pictures on social media platforms with her children. 

Due to the extra-marital affairs that DMX entertained, he also has 11 other children outside his marriage. These children are half-siblings to Tacoma Simmons. Their names are Sasha, Sonovah Junior, Aaliyah, Exodus, Aidyn, K’ydn, Jada Oden, Michelle Walton, Javon Wayne, Z’riyah, and Emmanuel Simmons. 

Earl Simmons – DMX 

DMX or Earl Simmons was one of the reputable rappers through the 1990s and 2000s. His solo hit It’s Dark and Hell is Hot which was released in 1998, became a hit and sold over 250k copies in the first seven days of its release. 

Another one of his albums released in 1999, And Then There Was X, also received huge recognition and got tremendously hit and famous. 

Apart from following his career as a rapper, he also tried his luck in some motion pictures like Romeo Must Die, Cradle 2 the Grave, Exit Wounds, and Last Hour. 

DMX died on 9th of April 2021 due to cardiovascular failure. It has been reported that the former rapper was rushed to the hospital with some chest pain, which increased in magnitude upon his arrival at the hospital. The rapper could not survive the pain and left for the eternal journey on 9th April. 

Tacoma Simmons Net Worth 

Tacoma Simmons pursues his dream to make a place for himself in the music industry. His source of income solely depends on the music and songs he creates. Currently he works as a director at Guitar Center. 

Tacoma Simmons’ estimated net worth is $1 million which is quite an amount as he is still very young and has just started his career in the music industry. 


Tacoma Simmons is the son of the famous rapper and entertainer Earl Simmons, more famously known as DMX. Though he did not follow the exact footsteps of his father, but his love and passion for music stayed with him and guided him to become a songwriter and composer. 

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