Comlepte guide before hiring moving company in Dubai

Using a moving company in Dubai to move can help save you time, money, and potential back problems from moving all your belongings yourself. Here are 10 things to do before hiring moving company (and …

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Using a moving company in Dubai to move can help save you time, money, and potential back problems from moving all your belongings yourself. Here are 10 things to do before hiring moving company (and why you shouldn’t DIY).

Start with a checklist

One of your first steps in packing up your place is deciding what you’re going to bring with you, and what you’re going to leave behind. That may seem like an easy question, but it can get complicated quickly depending on your situation. Do you really need that old TV or nonworking laptop? Does Aunt Matilda really need that teapot she’s had since World War II? Deciding which items should go and which should stay is easier if you make yourself a checklist of what needs moving and whether or not it’s important enough for you to schlep across town. Checklists are easy tools that anyone can use, so don’t be afraid to build one for yourself!

Ask for referrals

If you’ve got friends and family nearby, ask them for recommendations for reliable and dependable movers in Dubai Marina. Ideally, they’ll give you at least three—one highly-rated company, one mid-range option, and one bottom-dollar choice. This will give you options if your first choice isn’t available on your move date or doesn’t offer an estimate that’s within your budget. And if they don’t know of anyone in particular? Do some research yourself by searching online or asking friends on social media. You should also ask people at work who have recently moved; they’ll likely have good recommendations of their own.

Check online reviews

Sure, you could pack and move your things yourself, but why risk messing up or getting injured? Before choosing a moving company, spend some time reading online reviews—you should be able to find at least one post from someone who recently hired that company. Don’t forget to check Yelp, Angie’s List and similar sites where users can leave reviews about their experience. If you find reviews of poor service or quality on any site, it’s best to go with another company. Also make sure to ask friends and family if they have any recommendations; after all, they know you best! It’s not just about how much services cost – it’s also how well they do it.

Get insurance

Some moving companies charge an additional fee if you want their movers to handle your stuff while in transit. If you’re not comfortable letting them take care of everything, though, that extra coverage is more than worth it. The average cost of an insurance claim on property damaged during a move is $1,000—not including lost items. And if something does get damaged or stolen? Getting reimbursed for your loss might be a hassle. Plus, you’ll probably have a harder time getting someone else’s insurer to pay out for damage caused by your belongings. The better option: Get full coverage from a reputable moving company with experience in household moves.

Hire Helpers

When it comes to moving day, many of us don’t have all of the skills needed for a successful move. If you aren’t experienced at loading and unloading, it might be smart to hire some extra hands. Movers can help you safely load and unload your truck or van, depending on your size needs and level of expertise. Not only will you save yourself from hurting yourself during move day, but hiring movers may also save you money in that packing is included in their price. When it comes down to it, helping hands are worth every penny.

Work smart, not hard

There’s a big difference between moving smart and moving hard. In fact, there are times when you should work hard but even then it’s important to know your limits. Here are 10 reasons why hiring movers may be your best option: It frees up time so you can concentrate on more important things in life; Hiring professional movers means you’ll never have to worry about damage or theft of any items; When choosing between working smart or working hard, remember that choosing to hire professional movers is an investment in yourself.

Know your limits

One of the greatest things about hiring a moving company is that you’ll know where your stuff is at all times. When you move yourself, there are many more opportunities for your things to get lost or damaged. The worst thing that can happen on moving day is having an item go missing or break—not something you want hanging over your head while you’re trying to settle into your new home. For example, think of all those pre-packing boxes: If something breaks in transit, and it’s not insured, then you’re out of luck! On top of that, moving companies typically have experience handling large loads and will know how to properly pack and unpack belongings based on their inherent fragility.

There is no shame in asking for help

Even if you’re moving with just one friend, it can be physically exhausting—all those boxes! People are often afraid of hiring movers because they don’t want to spend extra money. But while moving companies may cost more than doing it yourself, they also offer perks that you can’t get when you do everything yourself. For example, moving companies will generally provide free packing supplies, as well as wardrobe boxes for clothes and large pieces of furniture. If you have a lot of small items or fragile things, such as picture frames or glassware, a professional mover will wrap your belongings in preparation for transit. This type of packaging is always helpful but especially so if you plan on driving cross-country with your possessions.

Be safe and secure your home

People get hurt in and around homes every day. If you’re moving yourself, it may be hard to keep track of where all your possessions are, especially if you have a lot of boxes or furniture. One bad step onto a staircase with a heavy box could leave you with an injured back or neck that could take weeks or months to recover from. And don’t forget about carrying large appliances such as refrigerators—you can potentially injure your back, shoulders, hips and legs. By hiring professionals to help with your move, it’ll make things easier on both you and your wallet. You won’t need to worry about packing everything yourself and will have someone there who is experienced in safely handling large items. Plus, not having to lift things yourself will help prevent injuries when moving by hand.

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