How to Convert PNG to SVG Vector File on Windows?

No doubt that there are a bunch of image file types and even uses for different cases, and we are always confused about which one to choose in a specific situation! And, most probably it …

No doubt that there are a bunch of image file types and even uses for different cases, and we are always confused about which one to choose in a specific situation! And, most probably it becomes daunting to convert one image format into another!

Also, sometimes you need to convert the raster file to vector SVG graphic format, this is where you have a bundle of choices, but don’t know which works best! Thus, we designed this post and tell you a few best PNG to SVG converter sources through which you come to know how easy to convert PNG to SVG’s.

But before that let’s explore a couple of definitions!

What is PNG?

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is the most useful lossless type of regular image file format on the internet. The upside about this raster format is that once it is saved and compressed, the image data is not at all lost. But, when scaled up or down, it entirely lost quality and becomes pixelated, this is where you require PNG to SVG converter to turn PNG to SVG color file.

What is SVG?

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is loaded with a vector nature, which cannot store pixels depending on data, it just enables coordinates that save information in the particular image. The most stunning reason behind this format is that it can be fully scaled up or down without any quality distortion. Just because of its vector lossless quality, experts turn PNG to SVG color for certain purposes.

Why Convert PNG to SVG File?

One thing to remember is that SVG graphic files are perfect for logos, icons, as well as simple artwork. The most obvious reason to turn PNG into SVG vector is that SVG files look sharper than a PNG raster file and even if they’re small in size, they do not at all slow down your site speed. So, the most trusted source of provided best PNG to SVG converter for those who want to make PNG file SVG conversions according to different illustrator presets.

How to Convert PNG to SVG on Windows?

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It is the most well-known source that has one of the splendid versions of PNG to SVG converter online for free. You can be able to attain the image file in the different compatible file formats with the free assistance of this online converter. Remember this is not only a fast tool but also quite easy to use for single or batch file conversions. The disagree thing within this site is that it is loaded with a couple of ads that make irritation while saving PNG as SVG vector file.

  • Open browser
  • Make a search for “” and fetch its online PNG to SVG converter
  • Now, start uploading a PNG raster image that you aim to change into quality SVG vector format from the local folder of your computer
  • Then, it’s time to choose the SVG vector as the exported format
  • Very next, you require to make a click on the “Go” button to commence the converting PNG raster to vector SVG process

If you are seeking for professional PNG to SVG converter for free of cost, then this site is the perfect choice for you. It allows you to export PNG graphics as SVG vector files corresponding to different illustration presets such as high color, greyscale, black, and white.

Besides that, this site is loaded with more than 100 converters that include images, documents, PDF, audios, videos, and much more. Simple steps require to make conversions:

  • At first, open your web-based browser
  • On the search bar, type “”
  • Once reached, upload one or multiple PNG’s and convert them into SVGs at once by using this PNG to SVG converter
  • Hit convert button
  • And, save PNGs as SVGs at once by clicking Download Zip file

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