How To Choose a Lighter as A Gift for A Man?

A girl always faces a difficult task, which souvenir should be chosen for a man. A lighter is an original present for a loved one. It comes with a lot of features and types these …


A girl always faces a difficult task, which souvenir should be chosen for a man. A lighter is an original present for a loved one. It comes with a lot of features and types these days. Previously, it was just a lighter but now it’s much more than that. But what features of the choice should be taken into account in this case, how to choose the right beautiful gas model with an engraving of his name, we will tell in the article.


Connoisseurs of the magnificent and connoisseurs of the best understand the trending brands in society that produce lighters. A real quality product is very durable and has a certain attractiveness. Try to avoid fakes. If you want to gift them, bulk lighters are a good option with almost every type of lighter in one box as a gift. This way you would be on a safer side.

Classical forms with a smooth, metallic, smooth finish are in great demand. The compact base is made of various types of steel: titanium, brass, and copper. Privileged individuals prefer models made of silver and gold. Of course, this branded and expensive little thing will become a prestigious accessory and pride for your man.

Particular attention should be paid to the appearance of this original accessory. No-frills gas incendiary devices will be perfectly combined with the image of a quiet and balanced young man. They are affordable.

A gentleman of the older generation will suit an engraved uniform. A special master will cope with such work. It will be more convenient to engrave on a steel surface. A huge role is played by the significance of the event at which the present will be presented.

Types of lighters

Lighters are very convenient for human use. They are available in petrol and gas models. There are several types of lighters.

  • Silicon – in them, the gas is ignited due to the spark of a torn wheel when it combines with a silicon pebble.
  • Piezo – in them an electric discharge produces a spark.
  • Electronic – in them, ignition is carried out from a small battery located in flint and equipped with a key for delivering electrical energy.
  • Turbo – in them, gas seeps through a membrane with a limited gap, as a result of which the rate of delivery increases. Then, under pressure, it passes into a container, where it forms a stream of fire.

Selection aspects

Flint and steel refer exclusively to the male form of donation. It symbolizes fire and warmth. Also, it is possible to give such an attribute to men of different ages, with different life positions and common social status in society.

It is imperative to find out which sir the souvenir will be presented to a collector or a smoker, a young man or a respectable gentleman. Decide who the representative of the strong half is for you: a lover, friend, colleague, brother, husband, leader, or partner. For what purpose will the accessory be chosen: for lighting a fireplace or a fire, lighting candles, in order to create crafts, or with the intention of decorating a design.

Based on the preferences of your gentleman, you should designate the monetary boundaries of the accessory. The gift is inexpensive, but definitely a unique souvenir. But make sure you understand, what you are looking for. At times you try your best to find the perfect lighter as a gift but the guy doesn’t like it. So, to avoid this, get a deeper understanding of what it takes to like a lighter and what factors do influence a guy’s purchase decision. You should also evaluate your guy’s likes or dislikes to choose the one. So, choose accordingly and make a wise decision.


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