Desert Safari Dubai and Dune Buggy Safari

Desert Safari Dubai Dubai is one of the most wealthy and modern Emirates in the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi is to the south, Sharjah is to the north, and the Sultanate of Oman is …

Desert Safari Dubai

Dubai is one of the most wealthy and modern Emirates in the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi is to the south, Sharjah is to the north, and the Sultanate of Oman is to the city’s southeast. The city has a unique shape because it is in the Arabian Desert. Most of Dubai’s land is made up of sandy deserts and gravel-filled deserts found in the south of the UAE. Its sand is clean, white, and delicate, and it is made up of small pieces of shells and corals. A desert safari in Dubai in the sandy desert around the city is an exciting and thrilling adventure. There are so many exciting desert trips that it is hard to choose. The trip starts when you board the 4×4 wheel drive at the place where you’ll be picked up.

Different kinds of Desert Safaris

Desert Safari in the morning:

Many people don’t have time to plan for an evening safari because they are too busy. So, they can go on a fun adventure tour in the morning called a “desert safari.” The desert safari includes about 20 minutes of fun dune bashing and an exciting trip to a camp where you can do quad biking, ride a camel, and sand ski. Depending on your tour package, the morning safari can be different. Some companies offer about 2-hour package trips on average. It’s a good choice for people who don’t want to cook dinner or camp.

Evening Safari in the Desert:

It’s a must-do if you want to remember something for the rest of your life. Planning an evening desert safari is fun and exciting if you’re going to Dubai. You will have to rest at your first stop near a camel farm, beginning in the afternoon. Get a chance to watch the sun go down over the ocean in the middle of the desert, ride a camel, and go sandboarding. Try making a pretty design with henna on your hands and feet. With tasty barbecue and shisha, you can put yourself in a party mood. You can watch a belly dancer perform Arabic music at the campsite.

Desert Safari for One Night:

When everyone is sleeping in the camp at night, go out and look at the stars in the Arabian Desert. Don’t forget to bring a camera to remember the sunrise in Dubai’s sandy desert. You can get your hands painted with henna, wear traditional clothes, and ride camels on this overnight desert safari. After dinner, you can sit alone and listen to the wind hitting the sand on a quiet night. Watch a belly dancer do a few steps if you like to dance. Have fun sand skiing and driving on sand dunes. Don’t forget to bring sleeping bags and blankets for a night’s stay.

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What could be more fun than a safari? A self-drive Dune Buggy Safari in desert safari Dubai. It’s an exciting and adventurous way to see Dune Buggy Dubai, the red dunes, the beautiful landscape, and our custom-made desert fox dune buggies. You can also take long rides with your driver and get personalized help, among other things. Let’s start the dune ride.

A Dune Buggy Safari is an exciting way to see Dubai and get a rush of adrenaline. Take our Desert Fox Dune Buggy Dubai Safari out into the wild for a trip you’ll never forget! You’ll be driving our fully customized Desert Fox dune buggy, made with safety in mind. To make sure you have the best dune buggy tour in Dubai, a team will be on hand to help you with any mechanical or technical problems. The perfect add-on to this experience would be the Private dinner, where you and your loved ones can eat authentic Arabic food in the middle of the Dubai desert.


  • Land Cruiser 4×4 Pickup and Drop-off (Hotel/Home)
  • Dune buggy instructors with lots of experience.
  • Back-up team with help from machines.
  • Professional safety gear, like a helmet and goggles for a dune buggy.
  • Drinks like soft drinks and water to complete the dune buggy experience.
  • Sunset Point Photo, Quad Bike (optional)
  • Riding camels • Henna art for women • Arabic clothes
  • Tea, coffee, and mineral water are free as much as possible.
  • Starters include Shawarma, Falafel, and sweet dishes.
  • Dinner with an international buffet and a barbecue
  • Sweets from Arabia and a variety of fresh fruits
  • Amazing belly dance, Tanoura dance, and fire shows


PICK UP AND DROP OFF: Land Cruiser from your home or hotel anywhere in Dubai, Sharjah, or Ajman.


Driving a dune buggy for up to an hour in the Lahbab Red Sands Desert.


There are also discounts for large groups, and children under the age of 3 are free. For more information, please contact.

Additional Info:

You can book a private desert safari, and our drivers are licensed by the DTCM and have a lot of experience. We have the newest Land Cruiser models, and all of our vehicles are neat and clean. We can also pick you up and drop you off at the Dubai cruise terminal and Dubai Port Rashid. Just get in touch with us for more information. for more Click Here 


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