Common Moving Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Moving into a new place requires a packing spree, hauling those packages, arranging them, and tons of other minute details. And the job becomes even more overwhelming if you want to leave your old house …


Moving into a new place requires a packing spree, hauling those packages, arranging them, and tons of other minute details. And the job becomes even more overwhelming if you want to leave your old house in a presentable shape (which you should).

When you have so much to get done, you make mistakes. But guess what, some mistakes during moving can be very costly. Therefore, first things first. Don’t try to do everything yourself. It’s not one person’s job. Get help from friends and family and delegate responsibilities.

From categorizing items, labeling boxes, handling fragile stuff and taking care of the pets, you can use help to get a lot done. But make sure you do the work of moving your internet plan to your new location yourself as I did with my Cox gigablast. I couldn’t afford to have internet connectivity even for a few days because of my work! Other than that, the way you distribute tasks is your call. Just be sure to avoid the following common moving mistakes:

Not Getting Estimates and Underestimating

You need to make a checklist of the things you need to get estimates of beforehand. And you need to get in touch with them a few weeks prior to the big day. For instance, you need to get in touch with various moving companies and get quotes.

Moreover, ask about the truck sizes available, charges per hour, mileage, insurance, and the number of helpers they send. Enquiring all these things will help you get a reasonable deal. Furthermore, inspect your new house and if there’s some plumbing or electricity-related job, get it done. Also, keep some cash aside for all these expenses.

Getting a Shady Mover

It’s a No-No. Period! Don’t get swayed by the discounted price. You don’t want your pricey furniture and fragile décor items damaged. Now, it is not to imply that a cheaper price quote always means a shady mover. Even if the price is high, make sure you are hiring professional people by asking a few relevant questions or by visiting them.

No one wants to deal with fixing moving disasters. It can be very expensive and time- experience. Therefore, take your time to check the mover company’s license, reviews, and insurance.

Not Getting Adequate Insurance

A moving experience can become expensive quickly if it results in broken antique dishes décor items or a TV. Therefore, make sure that you ask all the necessary questions about the moving company’s policies about the insurance of your belongings prior to hiring them.

Moreover, don’t be fooled if they are offering “Valuation Protection” because it is not the same thing as full insurance. With Valuation Protection, you only get to have a certain amount, usually $0.60 per pound in an event of an item lost or damaged. Therefore, this fixed rate is set for the benefit of the moving company because it doesn’t consider the actual value of the item that is lost/damaged.

This means that if a 55” LED TV is broken during your moving process and it weighs 25 pounds, you will only get a compensation of $15.

Not Taking the Measurements

The staircases, rooms, and doorways of the new house may look spacious according to your furniture but don’t rely on assumptions. Not measuring everything can be a huge mistake. Therefore, make sure you measure the doorways and stairs especially if your furniture is large and heavy.

If the measurements are contradicting with your stuff, make sure you sell those furniture items before moving out. This could be a good excuse to get your hands on smart and trendy furniture pieces to fit into your new house.

Poor Scheduling

As mentioned earlier, you need to leave your current home in a presentable shape before you step inside your new house. And with all the moving process, both houses need cleaning. This means that you need to be good with your time management.

Make sure you make time to thoroughly clean your old home and take care of any repairs or damages for the new tenants or buyers. Also, make a checklist of any services that you want to cancel. For instance, lawn care, newspaper delivery, and so on. Pay off all your bills before moving out. And while you get all this done, manage time and be in your new house before the moving truck arrives. You may want to clean it up some more before your stuff is unloaded.

Remember, moving can be superlatively taxing, both emotionally and physically. So, make sure you are managing every minute of your time and taking good care of all the chores. When I moved into my new house, I even made sure to call the Cox Customer support number and requested the subscription to be moved to my new address. And when I stepped into the new home, my internet was up and running.

Getting done with your moving venture successfully and having everything in place will help you relax and you can settle down in peace.

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