Camel Calculator: How Many Camels Am I Worth?

Although camels are considered ancient animals in the current era, they are still being used as currency in distinct parts of the world. This fact indicates that the significance of camels cannot be denied, even …

camel calculator

Although camels are considered ancient animals in the current era, they are still being used as currency in distinct parts of the world. This fact indicates that the significance of camels cannot be denied, even in the current era.

Nevertheless, are you one of those who wish to find out the number of camels that they are worth? Have you ever heard about a camel calculator? What exactly is a camel calculator? What does it indicate?

How does it operate? What is the main concept behind this game, and how can one start playing it? Feel free to stay with us as we move forward to answer all these questions for you in this article!

Introduction to the Camel Calculator 

A camel calculator is such a calculator that enables one to evaluate their worth in the form of camels. Yes, you heard it right! We understand that this game might sound a little unfamiliar or strange to you at first.

However, the game operates by evaluating numerous physical traits and then declaring a final result. With that said, don’t you think that one might be able to determine the bride price if this game was present in the olden days?

Roots of the Camel Calculator Game 

Like various other contemporary online games, the ‘Camel Worth Game’ has its own value in ancient traditional practices. In many traditions around the globe, individuals had to pay a bride price before they took a bride to their home. This practice was widely known, particularly in ancient times. That being said, one might wonder the reason behind this practice. Isn’t it so?

In ancient times, families used livestock as an accessible option for making the prices convenient. Due to this reason, Gen-Z users of the internet have created much hype for this game on numerous social media platforms. This is the explanation why this game has become of the trending topics nowadays.

What is the Main Purpose Behind the Camel Calculator Game? 

camel calculator


Many people tend to wonder what the main agenda behind the development of such a game is. However, the answer to this thought process is pretty simple. The camel calculator game has been developed with the sole purpose of providing quality entertainment.

The game developers aim to give the users of this game a fun experience so that they can enjoy it for a while and spend quality time playing the game. That being said, the results of the camel calculator game should not be taken too seriously.

Many teenagers and beauty influencers have also been known to play this game to determine their beauty levels. This might leave you with the thought, how many camels am I worth? The answer is straightforward. An individual with a higher camel count is usually considered to be more attractive as compared to an individual with a lesser camel count.

This game has basically been derived from the ancient methods that were used to evaluate the livestock number. The game focuses on evaluating the physical features or attributes of an individual. So, a wise approach would be to have as much fun and excitement as possible while playing this modern beauty-determining game instead of letting it get over your head or hurt your feelings.

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How Can One Play the Camel Calculator Game? 

Now that we have provided you with a detailed introduction about the camel calculator game, do you know how one can play this game? How many camels am I worth? What do you know about this? To start playing the game, you need to start answering a few simple questions.

The game has been designed in such a manner that it starts by inquiring about your personal details. So, you should know that most of these questions are based on the physical appearances of an individual.

Once you answer all the questions in a timely manner, you will be provided with a brief evaluation of what the results indicate about you. This way, you can spend quality time, enjoy yourself for the time being, and get to know how many camels do you exactly have.

Evaluation Criteria of the Game 

Based on the evaluation, the camel count of an individual can range from 10 to 110. Furthermore, you should note that the game is entirely based on physical attributes. So, it is easy to learn about the evaluation criteria of the game. For a clearer idea, it would be best to consider the following points:

Physical Appearance 

Isn’t your face the first thing that gets the attention of every person you meet? Facial features play a considerable role in determining the camel count and impact the overall result significantly. This is why women with blond hair get better results than women with short hair.


No doubt, age plays a significant role in defining an individual’s beauty and looks. As younger individuals possess clearer and wrinkle-free skin, they are more likely to get a higher camel count compared to older individuals.


Height can also impact the final results significantly, both for men and women. However, taller men are usually given a higher camel count, while women with average heights usually get a decent camel count and satisfying result.

Body Type 

The algorithms of the camel calculator game also take into consideration the body type of an individual while evaluating the overall beauty. Having said that, individuals with a muscular or sporty appearance are usually given higher camel points than thin or fat individuals.


Like many other online games, many people have been offended by the camel calculator game. Furthermore, some individuals find the game immoral and politically incorrect, while others find it disturbing or discriminating.

Whatsoever, the game can serve as a good time-pass for someone who wants to have a little fun or try something new. Just reflect not to take anything too personally!

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