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Introduction With the increasing trend of online shopping in India, many brick & mortar businesses are turning to online means of sales. The first step in building a business’s online presence is getting a Domain …

VPS Hosting India


With the increasing trend of online shopping in India, many brick & mortar businesses are turning to online means of sales. The first step in building a business’s online presence is getting a Domain and Hosting. Most Indian business owners choose Shared Hosting in the beginning. Since Shared hosting is less costly than any other web hosting platform. However, it is good for the initial stages of a website, not when the website starts getting more traffic spikes and attracting more leads. With the rise in traffic, your website’s performance and speed will start declining. 

So, you might be thinking why is this happening? The answer to your question is self-explanatory. Shared hosting has a very limited amount of resources, due to multiple users sharing the same server. Further, it has very less functionalities and features. So as visitors increase, the website’s performance degrades. 

To cope with this problem, you should choose VPS Hosting India, as it is widely used. If you want high traffic and advanced security without slowing the speed of the website you have to choose VPS Hosting.

Here in this article, we’ll tell you about the benefits of VPS Web Hosting and when is the best to move from Shared Hosting to VPS Hosting.

Basics of Shared and VPS Hosting

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is one of the most popular and low-cost web hostings. But, it does not provide lots of the benefits that VPS Hosting provides. Shared Hosting is opted for by most small businesses and personal blogs that are very low in traffic. 

The meaning of shared hosting is itself explanatory that it shares your website’s resources with many other websites. The issue comes when the high traffic and data space slow the speed and performance of the website. Furthermore, if you are sharing a server with others, and you are getting a high peak in traffic your website speed slows down.  

Moreover, if your website gets traffic regularly, then you should take the benefits of VPS Hosting. If you choose money over your demands then your business will never grow. Your competitors will go ahead of you.

VPS Hosting India

As you already know, Shared Hosting shares the complete server with the other websites. With the VPS India web server, you also share your server with other websites, but you have your private resources like unique dedicated IP, private security, and many more resources to be provided. All the resources provided to you by the hosting provider are completely yours and it is not shared by anyone. 

Moreover, VPS Server Hosting India also provides you with dedicated resources at a very affordable price. At last, It can also be said that VPS India provides you with the features of both Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. 

When is the Best Time to Switch over to VPS Hosting in India?

If you want to take the benefits of VPS Hosting India, below are some points that tell when to upgrade your business to VPS Hosting.

  • In your existing shared hosting plan, when you find out that there is an increase in traffic on a daily basis. You are getting the page views every day, so you should consider upgrading from shared hosting to VPS hosting. VPS Hosting is the perfect solution when the traffic of the website goes high rapidly.
  • When you find out that in shared hosting it is important for the site to generate revenue. You should upgrade to Best VPS Hosting India as your blogging site is getting the high traffic you need to generate the money. If your website is getting slow only for a few milliseconds, it might be a very bad impact on your business.
  • When you found out that your website speed is getting slow, it is an indication that you should upgrade to VPS Hosting India. The reason for the slow speed of the website is that shared hosting has a very limited number of resources.
  • When you come to know that your website’s internal pages are exceptionally loading slowly and you are also not able to add new pages to your website. You also get errors very frequently which will create a very negative impact on the website. So, it is the best time to switch to VPS Hosting.

Benefits of Moving from Shared Server to VPS India Server

VPS Server Hosting India

High Level of Performance

In VPS Hosting India, you are provided with dedicated resources that only belong to you. You will shortly start getting a high level of performance compared to shared hosting. As a result, when you are getting a high level of performance on the website, more users will start engaging with your website. 

Hence, after a while, you notice a high peak in traffic. Since it has been provided with a private space no one will interfere in your work.

Advanced Security

VPS Hosting India provides advanced security compared to shared hosting. Some of the advanced security features are DDoS Protection, dedicated IP, Firewalls, virus scan and removal, spam prevention, etc. All these features are not available in shared hosting. As the name implies VPS Server provides the virtualization technology, your site is separate from the other sites which are hosted on that server. 

High Scalability

You cannot easily add the resources in the shared hosting. Because in shared hosting, you have very limited no of resources. VPS Server Hosting India provides you the more scalable resources as compared to shared hosting. You can easily add the resources according to the business demands, as you have no restriction on adding the resources.


Now, you come to know the meaning of shared hosting and VPS Hosting, when is the best time to switch, and the benefits of VPS Hosting. When you’re getting high traffic and your website’s speed is slowing down. It is the best time to upgrade to VPS Hosting. It will help in expanding your business and provides advanced resources and benefits. 

So, switching to VPS Hosting India is the foremost option for your online business. As your business grows, you will not face any problems while working on the VPS Hosting.  

I expected this article will help you to upgrade from shared hosting to VPS Hosting. 

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